Requirements for eVisa

A valid passport and a photograph of an applicant are the only documents required by the government of Ethiopia for fulfilling the application. After landing in Ethiopia, your passport and a granted eVisa will be requested by the customs official in physical form, in verification purposes.

The Ethiopia e-Visa program is available for citizens of all nations. In other words, everyone can obtain an e-Visa for Ethiopia online.

Types of Ethiopia eVisa

The government of Ethiopia has provided the possibility to apply electronically for either a single or multiple-entry visa.

Single-entry eVisa

This type of eVisa permits only one entry to Ethiopia and it is valid for a period of 30 days.

Multiple-entry eVisa

This eVisa allows numerous entries to Ethiopia and permits a stay of up to 90 days in the country.

Note: An eVisa to Ethiopia does not authorize any labour activity during your stay.

Ethiopian eVisa requirements

  • Every applicant has to attach a photograph of oneself;
  • Every person that wishes to apply for an Ethiopian eVisa is obliged to enclose a copy or a clear photograph of passport’s biodata page;
  • To be eligible to enroll an application for an eVisa to Ethiopia your passport has to be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of planned arrival in the country;
  • The processing time in case of an eVisa to Ethiopia might take up a few days, so you need to apply with at least a 3 days advance;
  • Every passport holder has to have a separate application enrolled.